Iran Dargah - Android Application

Case study


  • User Experience Designer
  • Visual Designer


  • Fardaye Sepid Ariana(FSA)


  • 2021(3+ months)


Iran Dargah is a Persian platform that provides E-commerce payment for influencers, small companies, and big corporations. They offer different platforms to WordPress, social networks, Joomla, OpenCard, etc.


The main challenges were discovering users' pain points in the older version of the mobile application and redesigning the whole process. The team published the older mobile application in Google Play Store, and we had to make the new app as soon as possible.




+3 Months




+300 Hours


Iran Dargah Final Product


Understanding The User

  • Pain Points
  • Usability Researchs


During the process of "Understanding The User," I did lots of research, like A/B tests, usability, and desirability tests. These data helped me understand user needs better.

Understanding The User : Primary Usability Tests

 IranDargah usability-test

I conducted remote usability tests to understand how users feel about our previous application. Due to the lack of time, I did this test with three of my nearby friends and gathered these data in an excel file. I asked these three users to do several tasks and observed them remotely to see how they do these actions.

Understanding The User : Pain points


Bad Design System

Our previous application had critical problems in the design system. The colors were terrible. The previous designers hadn't chosen the font sizes logically; They had not used font weights correctly, and similar problems.


Poor Navigations

It was tough for our users to find what they wanted in the previous version of the application; they would get lost in our platforms due to bad UX and found the application uncomfortable.


Unclear Key Features

The application was built in a way that new users couldn't learn how to work with it at first sight. They needed to navigate and search in the app for some time to find how it works.


Undesirable Application

Not only was the application not desirable, but also it was not usable either. The visual elements were insufficient and unclear, and people found them boring.

Due to time shortage, I skip the persona and customer journey map process and move straight to the design phase.


Starting The Design

  • Digital Wireframes


After gathering essential data from users, I started to get some inspiration from Dribbble and Behance. I started designing digital wireframes, and after that, I began to make high-fidelity digital prototypes.

Starting The Design : Digital Wireframes

Affiliate Page
transactions Page
Gates Page
Forms Page
Notifications Page
Transaction Details Page
Home Page
Add Friend Page


Refining the design

  • High-Fidelity Prototype
  • Usability tests


During the third phase, I started making the main high-fidelity prototypes. This proccess was done in Figma.

Overall view of IranDargah in Figma

Refining the design : High-Fidelity Prototype

After checking many actual and practical samples in Dribbble and Behance, I made the high-fidelity design from the wireframes I made before.

Home Page
Gate Page
before after Home Page
before after Gate Page

Refining the design : Before and After

Here, you can see the improvements that the new version of the application has compared to the previous version.

Before and after 1
Before and after 2
Before and after 3

Refining the design : Usability-tests

After designing multiple pages, I sent my designs to our engineers, and they developed the mobile application ready for the test(Beta version). Then I performed a moderated remote usability test with two users.

Usability-test page

Based on the test and the results, I redesigned some parts that had an unsatisfactory experience for the users. Then, the engineers developed a public version of our mobile application and published it on the google play store.


Going forward


We always try to make our application better, so I perform Usability-tests, A/B tests, desirability-test, and ect, whenever it is needed.

Thank You!